Chicago Ventures has a network of strong Midwest business and investment community leaders who are committed to contributing to the fund. We strive to make the region a lucrative area to start a business and close the Midwest capital gap.


Our advisors, partners, investment committee and friends strategically connect Chicago Ventures portfolio companies with their expansive and experienced networks, from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.


We believe that a strong community and a little good will enhances a company's chance for success. We make it a priority to create a network for our Chicago Ventures companies to share resources, best practices, and advice.

Chicago Ventures News

Five With: Jason Felger, CEO, Food Genius
From spending time as a startup operator, investor and advisor, newly-named CEO of Food Genius Jason Felger can offer some sage advice for people on all sides of the startup game: “Whether you’re in the mode of still figuring it all out or scaling so fast you can hardly see... Read More

Unpacking our Investment in Luxury Garage Sale
When we first started surveying our network of millennial and professional women in Chicago, we were amazed to learn that the vast majority admitted to following Luxury Garage Sale on Instagram. Many more were familiar with the company’s founders Lindsay and Brielle, the brand’s personality, and the extraordinary, aspirational items... Read More

Luxury Garage Sale Raises $1.5m, Expands to Dallas
Lead Investors Include Chicago Ventures, Brian Spaly of Trunk Club, Paul Lee, and Lon Chow of Apex Venture Partners 2/17/15 — Chicago — Chicago-based fashion startup Luxury Garage Sale has raised $1.5 million in Series Seed funding led by Chicago Ventures and prominent angels including Brian Spaly & Elle Bruno of... Read More

Five With: Dan Olson, CEO, UpCity
Over nine years, Dan Olson watched his team of 20 at Performics grow to join a group of 40,000 after its acquisition by Publicis. During his time at Performics, one of the early companies focusing on PPC, SEO, and affiliate, Dan worked with enterprise customers like Kohl’s, Target and HP... Read More

Five With: David Casem, CEO, Telnyx
David Casem has been starting and running his own businesses since high school. Along with a stint as a GE intern in college, David, now in his 20s, has spent nearly a decade working with startups and technology. As a member of a telecom consultancy focused on PBX installations in... Read More

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