Chicago Ventures has a network of strong Midwest business and investment community leaders who are committed to contributing to the fund. We strive to make the region a lucrative area to start a business and close the Midwest capital gap.


Our advisors, partners, investment committee and friends strategically connect Chicago Ventures portfolio companies with their expansive and experienced networks, from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.


We believe that a strong community and a little good will enhances a company's chance for success. We make it a priority to create a network for our Chicago Ventures companies to share resources, best practices, and advice.

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Greycroft Leads $3.6M Series A Funding Round in Blitsy
Funding to Drive Continuous Product Growth and Support of Blitsy’s Revolutionary Digital, Mobile and Social Community Offering in $30 Billion Crafting Industry 5/7/15 – Chicago – Blitsy, a leading arts and crafts e-Commerce company and community, today announced closing a $3.6 million Series A funding round led by Greycroft Partners with... Read More

Are We Already Rebundling Mobile?
Hard to believe that it was only a year ago that the clear trend, led by Facebook’s Messenger App, and Foursquare’s Swarm App, was towards unbundling experiences on mobile and building single purpose, highly focused applications. Is the tide turning? Uber recently began rolling out UberEats across multiple markets, which as... Read More

Five With: Steve Berneman, CEO, Overdog
As an attorney and startup and sports enthusiast, Overdog CEO Steve Berneman never thought he’d end up as a professional matchmaker. Initially built as a tool to match gamers with professional athletes, Steve’s Nashville-based startup, Overdog, matches gamers based on their interests across a variety of fields — anything from... Read More

Five With: Aaron Dallek, CEO, Opternative
The founding story of Opternative is a serendipitous one. CEO Aaron Dallek, serial entrepreneur with a handful of tech startups already under his belt (his first was when he was 14), met his co-founder, Dr. Steven Lee, at a party – one that he decided to go to at the... Read More

Five With: Jason Felger, CEO, Food Genius
From spending time as a startup operator, investor and advisor, newly-named CEO of Food Genius Jason Felger can offer some sage advice for people on all sides of the startup game: “Whether you’re in the mode of still figuring it all out or scaling so fast you can hardly see... Read More

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